Onto the Elite Four...

I've neeeaaarly finished leveling up my party on SS to be able to get through the league, so I'm going to either get my team evaluated tonight or just read loads of FAQs on the pokemon I've got.

I got my first pen-pal letter! It got me so excited that I went into Cardiff and bought some new writing paper and stickers :D. Thank you enitsyrhc for the postcards, they've been put up on my wall!

I saw the most adorable little girl in a Jane Temple jsk in the Cardiff food market on Sunday! I'm guessing her mum had dressed her up because she looked so 'dawwwwwww' in her little pink headbow and matching shoes.

I've just about finished the letters and CVs I'm going to be sending out to various places soon, begging for whatever jobs they may have left. Part of me wants to wait until I've gotten a volunteer job at a charity shop in town though, since then I'll have had experience in retail, which'll big up chances a LOT.

What else...
Oh yeah, I found this adorable shop called 'Otakuzuku' where they sell super cheap manga and magazines, including the gothic and lolita bible! They don't have the most recent issue, but they do have contacts in Japan and have told me they can get stuff shipped out if I'm desperate... Intriguing...

Farewell for now,

I love you Bodyline <3

I got my package today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First off, I panicked because the invoice said 'Item: Shoes  Quantity: 2'. Luckily it just meant 2 individual shoes, but really who would order one shoe? ~_~"

One shoe has a couple of... Erm... Wrinkles I suppose you'd call them. They're not very noticeable though, so I don't mind. They're also a little big, but nothing major, and the petticoat is SUPER poofy :O. I'm glad I paid extra for an organza one! I've pretty much completed my meet-up outfit now except for the white bag (although, since I'll be bringing picnic food I could always cheat and put everything in a shopping bag). I just need to finish sewing my headbow.

I've put together a list of all of the stuff I need to get done in the next 6 weeks of holidays, and so far I've completed a grand total of one task (re-start blogging). Unless you count buying stuff off of my 'Stuff I Need' list a task.

I might do a review tomorrow if I can be bothered...

Come to think of it, I know I have something important to do, but I just can't quite remember what....

Oh yes, have my period. (For all those who haven't heard about it yet, I get terrible pains and I'm terrified of blood, so I usually end up on the bathroom floor on the second day, crying and occasionally throwing up. Talk about a wild saturday night).

Those who have been reading my blogs from when I started them will remember all the depressing paragraphs on 'that guy' who I couldn't get over. Well, God answered my prayers and I have found a new love!
Unfortunately, he has also made it very clear that he's not interested, so I'm in pretty much the same position as I was in two years ago (all be it slightly less painful).
Fuck it all.

I found a shiny pokèmon in Soul Silver - a green ekans! But then my hoothhoot destroyed it with a random extra powerful critical hit, thus pissing me off to the point where I stuck it in Bill's PC and haven't taken it out since. SO ANNOYED D^:< .

On the other hand, cake.

Apologies to those on Livejournal if this is just clogging up your friends page, I figured I might as well cross-post it here from Facebook ^u^".

Later alligator,

My Ita Timeline ^u^

Oh hae gaiz. If your reading this, I'm probably spamming your f-list, but bear with me.

If you remember, last month (or was it the month before?) on of the themes for egl was lolita time lines. I obviously couldn't participate, since I only just got smacked right out of weeabo-dom; I know this because I've spent this last week going over every stupid post/comment/pm reply/blog I've ever made. So here it is, my ita timeline!

2006 - Discovered gothic lolita by typing 'harajuku girls' into Google - fell in love
- Declared myself a gothic lolita, despite not actually owning anything completely black
- Typed 'gothic lolita' into YouTube, discovered Manasamabananallamaramadananna and fell
in love (hated his music though)
- Annoyed friends and family to the point of being shunable

2007 - Found my first 'lolita' dress at Blue Banana, declaring myself 'Wales' first Gothic
Lolita' (I don't know why I would've thought that, really). It's polyester lace monster.
Check out my scrapbook for details of my first 'outfit'.
- Started mentioning lolita in my blogs
- Basically was massively wapanese and desperate to show everyone my 'awsome japan noledge'
- Tried emo. Failed.

2008 - Wore my 'lolita' outfit to school and sang 'You Raise Me Up' in Japanese on stage for a
talent competition. Still haven't lived that down.
- Went to my first MCM Expo in the Midlands using my 'lolita' as a very bad Misa Amane
cosplay and was confused when a girl all decked out in brand wouldn't smile back at me XD
- Discovered egl, daily_lolita, sew_lolita, gothlolituk and the first sw_lolis communities
through the english Gothic and Lolita Bibles.
- Tried emo again. Failed.

2009 - Posted HORRIBLE posts to sew-lolita community. Was confused when I only got a few replies
- A nice lolita online added me as a friend and tried to haul me out of my n00bness, but
alas, I was yet unsalvagable
- Bought a casual lolita dress from Matalan. By the middle of this year I had learned
just enough from stalking livejournal communities to get the basics down (btw, I still
wear this Matalan dress for casual co-ordinates)
- Tried emo for a third time. Failed.
- Generally learned slooooowly about building good outfits, not being an idiot online etc.
- Still needed to make some small improvements

2010 - Found getoffegl and loli-secrets, which taught me way more than the lolita handbook ever
could have
- Planning to take up lolita a little more seriously
- Am planning to attend my first meet-up in August
- Have seen the error of my old ways and am trying to make up for it one comment/post at a
- Wants to thank the lolitas I have met online for their continuing support and patience :)

Tl:Dr it's an epic boat of fail until very recently and I expect I am still making mistakes as we speak, so I will continue lurking communities until I find my way :D

College Interview

Alright, I think I'm going to go back to blogging seriously now that I have more time to spend on the internet :)

I'm thinking of getting Bodyline's new Merry-Go-round JSK in black... Even if I'll have to unpick the icky little satin bows when I get it :P I just went on a bit of a spending spree lately, so I'll have to find a part-time job that'll fit around exams and college first. Luckily for me, there are quite a few shops in Cardiff right now with openings :D. Even if I can't get a job in one of those places, I'll probably take on some volunteer work to put on my CV. Soso's doing that in a charity shop, so I can always join her!

I had my college interview today, which went really well :). They basically told me I'm guaranteed a place because of the Comprehensive School I go to, so now I just have to apply for the courses that I want to take. The Honour's application form didn't look to bad though, so hopefully I'll get in!

Mum's making pizza, which is faaaaaabulous, because she's been promising to do so for a long while now. I'd better get back to studying for my exams now, so I'll post again soon!


Just For The Hell Of It...

I haven't blogged in a loooong time, but I've been a lot more active lately, so I figured I'd just talk to myself INTERNET STYLE.

Like all the good crazies do it.

I finished the blouse :O, and just in time for the Midlands MCM Expo too! That was ages ago though....

Wait, what's that?

You want me to describe it anyway?

Well sure, Mr. Figment sir, I'd love to!

We arrived at least an hour after it had opened the main flood gates, but there was still a good selection of manga and collectables left for me to explore :) Oh, and there was a yaoi stall! Not that I'm interested in pervy stuff at all.


Bah, I wish I could be more like a quiet, sweet girl who doesn't blurt out crap like that just for the hell of it :P

I'm thinking of learning to play the piano.... It'd be fun just to be able to pick up an instrument and PLAY IT.
Something I've allways wanted to do is just walk into a room and creat beautiful music (in the traditional sense, of course), simply for the hell of it.

Aah, well that's enough of a semi rant for nowwwwwww

Oh! I joined an RP called 'Lolita Academy', but in my first post, was too distracted and had too much cafiene running through my body and mucked up my profile :S

Talk about a n00b mistake; hopefully I can make up for it somehow...

Well I've got an assembly to go to - Till whenever!


Welcome Unknown

Have I used this title before? Probably.

Bech. What a month. Exams were way stressful, but I lived! I thought my science tests were on a Thursday though, so when I came in on Monday and Jade said, "Hey Lucy, did you study for the exams today?" I did a jaw drop and then nearly started hyperventilating.... Luckily, these EMTs aren't too hard ^u^

Next was work experience week - at Cardiff University Hospital, where hopes and dreams go to die!(tm)

It was boring, but I got to help out with some video recording (I played a person with special needs ¬¬) and I learnt how to use some computer software aswell :) .

Also, I learnt HTML!!!!!!!!!
Now I can design website using Notepad XD

I was crying in school today, knowing I wasn't gonna see Kirsty, Paige, Jess, Elin, Kathrin, Bronte, Clare and the rest of my friends in school for six whol weeks :(

And I already miss anime club D:

Myles replied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Turns out he wasn't ignoring me, he was in Gibralta (if that's how it's spelt):)

Unfortunately, this was followed by the news that the boy I like has been dating other people..... I need some icecream....

I just drank coffee, so I'm going to stay up late reading fanfiction!!!!!!!

Farewell for now whoever reads this,


So Alive

'So Alive' is a song by High Demand. They rock. Like, awesome :P.

I bought the dress from Matalan, along with an adorable cardigen (with heart shaped buttons) and an even cuter blouse/cutsew thingy XD. Plus, I finished sewing my bag, so I now have a complete outfit!!!

I was meant to be going to a lolita meet-up aswell, but it fell through, so no happiness for me :(. But I didn't have my bag ready anyway, so I guess it's ok.

I now just have to finnish the long sleeved blouse I'm making and then I can move onto my next project! Unfortunately, I don't have much motivation. I have a cold. And a pile of homework. And coursework. And revision. And a full to-do list.
If it's this bag now, imagine what it'll be like when I'm a uni student :O

In other news, I came back from Kintbury on Thursday.

I had so much fun!!!!!!! New friends, games, soul-searching (which I'm really into by the way), the occasionsl prayer thngy, tears... I cried every day but Monday XD. They were happy tears mostly though :).

I came back to school all happy and hyper and everyone was like, 'Wow, you've changed!'.
So I is happies :)

Until the next time,
That's all folks!

*Dance of the First Blog in Ages*

As you can see, I've abandoned the tradition of titling my blogs with songs in my head (otherwise, this one would be called 'She Said').

Apologies for the recent depressing blogs, I will cheer myself up!

I've ordered the fifth english Gothic & Lolita Bible, but Amazon has stopped selling it now, so I just have to pray it will come... And I have to pray that the rumours aren't true and that Mana's column is still included in it!!!!!! That's right, I'm starting to fall in love with him again!!!!! *faints with Mana-Sama-itus*

On another front, two men managed to break my heart without even speaking to me or seeing me. Wow. I mean... Wow.
That's a record, even for me.

Also, Mr Myles Thomas still hasn't replied to my 'PLEASE TELL ME YOU'RE STILL ALIVE' e-mail and nor has Sony to my 'PLEASE HELP MY MP3 IS DEAD' e-mail. I'm no update-star though. I haven't been on Facebook in over a month, meaning I totally blew this guy off in the middle of a conversation. SHAME on me >:^( .

The blouse and bag are going nowhere; I have no motivation. I've just been sitting around, studying occasionally and listening to illegaly uploaded music by Tommy February6. Because she rocks. And I love her.

On a final note, a girl online found a great lolible dress in Matalan of all places, so I'll be heading out there tomorow, if my parents can give me a lift. Hooray for the thrift-lolita!




Blech... I'm so tired...

On Thursday, I stayed up past 2am reading Death Note fan fiction (
I couldn't get to sleep last night as well, as I am dying from a cold.
My head hurts...
.. :(

Mum is right now cooking a pizza (shop bought) and she just called me down...
Just a sec...

OK, I've finished dinner. Mum spruced up the pizza with some extra cheese and a salad on the side. Very uplifting :).

My headaches gone now since I took some painkillers (I live on them). This means I'm in a much better mood, so no more depressing stuff XD!

Anyway, carrying on from the beginning, I've seriously gotten into the fan fiction stuff! I don't know if I'll write any myself... I tried it once and it didn't work out. :P
Liz introduced me to Harry Potter fan fiction, and I'm planning on checking that out, as well as some cross-overs (especially Harry Potter/Doctor Who and Death Note/Doctor Who).

 I was meant to go to my friends concert tonight (she's in a band called High Demand, hence the title), but it turned out to be over 18s only.
The silver lining is that this allowed me to get a head start on my new project (an unfitted 80s style blouse with long, puffy sleeves). I got the pattern for just 50p in a charity shop, because it reminded me of a blouse I saw in an advert for Baby The Stars Shine Bright (my favourite lolita brand). I might be done in just over a week, if I don't have too much trouble with the gathering and pin-tucking and I don't have too much stuff to do in the evenings. :)

Until next time my friends, good night!