February 13th, 2009


First Post... Finally! ^-^

I suppose I should write a short introduction at least, so people know who I am and stuff:

My name is Lucy, I am 15 years old, I am a vegetarian and a christian, I live in Pontypridd (in South Wales, UK) and I am a huge fan of the Lolita style (particularly Gothic and Sweet Lolita)! Although I am not too new to this style, I don't have a job and therefore only have one sort of outfit, which has no headdress, no lacy socks and a non-brand dress coated in 'fake' lace and - what-do-you-call-it..... that bad stuff... used in cheap panniers..... Well, I can't remember, but the point is, it may not be the best, but I love it to bits :D. I am quite shy when first meeting people, but my close friends know me as chatty, excitable, optimistic and ever-so childlike. For all you list loving people (I now you're out there), I am also into: The Sims, Manga (and the like), all things Japanese, Sewing, Science, Doctor Who, Comics (esp. American newspaper style), music, drama and French (my favourite language to learn!).

Anyway, that's probably all anyone needs to learn in one go, so I'll move on-

School's getting harder and harder as the GCSE pressure gets put on and our 'predicted grade' letters are sent out. My dad and I were a little disappointed with mine, but Mum was thrilled and ever up-beat. I am constantly telling myself to work harder, but find it hard to get stuff such as revision and violin practice done. My head is also jammed up with lolita type things, it's all I was talking about today!
On a high note, half-term has just started, so I can get my masses of homework/coursework/revision done and I may have some sewing time too :).

I put in a request on LJ today to join egl (at last!) and also joined a UK based lolita group and a south-est based lolita group! I'm really excited, but Mum and Dad still think it's all a big fad (???) and won't let me buy anything =_=;  . I'll probably put an introduction thingy onto the sw lolita community, but I'm a little too nervous to try anything else at the moment.

My final note before I end,
Thank you very much for taking the time to read this!