February 22nd, 2009



Wow, half-term went quickly. It's probably my own fault for spending the mornings in bed --__--||| .

     I finished my skirt, with Mum's help, and it looks good, even if the lining does hang down a bit too far. Hooray for my first complete sewing project! I managed to find some black cotton in Cardiff market yesterday (they didn't sell any at our usual fabric shop) and I want to make an AP headbow and bag from it. I got the patterns from the G&LB (English vol.1), so I'm hoping I'll be able to understand it. Should be fine though; I'm really excited! I'm thinking of taking a course in designing and making my own patterns anytime soon, so if anyone knows of any near Pontypridd, please tell me!

     I met up with my friend Angharad yesterday for shopping. She left my school in Year 8, but we still consider each other best friends, even if we don't talk often. I've recently come home from church and I'll probably sort out my e-mails etc. and then finish watching Kamikaze Girls. I wanted to watch it last night, but then Dad suggested we watched Vera Drake instead (a film about a woman who performs abortions when it wasn't legal). After that, I decided I could never, ever, EVER become a doctor, despite what my parents say ("Research doesn't pay as well as being a doctor Lucy. You can do so much better, why not doing both, Lucy? You'll get payed so much more, Lucy. You'll get used to blood, pus, poo and all that stuff EVENTUALLY..." etc.).

Au revoir for now,