March 1st, 2009


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Today has been good so far :). I've been quite sad lately (hence, no posts) because something really bad happened involving one of the people I'm close to. I'm not in a position to give details, but lets just let's just say it made me think about life a lot more.

Granddad's over for Sunday lunch and I'm SUPPOSED to be doing homework/revision. Ah,well. Maybe soon.

My plan for lent (drinking my yucky protein shake every day) went down the tubes. I did it first day of lent, but then gave up. Even worse, I now have a sore throat and I'm feeling kind of run-down thanks to my bad diet of veggies, sweets, carbohydrates and not much else. Could be worse though. Everything could be worse (what did I say about me thinking about life?).

I haven't been able to start that head-bow or bag yet, since I don''t have anything but the cotton. Still, I'm very lucky to have found that material in Cardiff market :). Hopefully I'll be able to start soon, and if I work on them regularly, I should have them done in a few weeks :).

On a final note, I MISSED THE MCM EXPO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X( 
It makes me want to cry!

So long,
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