March 29th, 2009


Fabric and Such

QUITE a weekend.

Saturday - Orchestra was frustrating, as the conductors were right witches and I'd missed last week's run-through of the pieces. Still, at least Gethin was there (where would the world be without our Gethin's?). I had my hair cut, ate chips and then zipped off to fabric world with Mum to get stuff for my head bow and bag. Before I could start sewing, I found a person who could take me to my friends concert that night, so I spent the night dancing and talking instead. Came home late, went to bed. Good day.

Today - Got up late and missed church (whoops...). After I'd gotten dressed and had lunch, Mum and I decided to look at the patterns for the head bow. It was horrifying. None of the pieces of the pattern were correct and the instructions didn't make sense. After at least an hour and a half of getting angry and angrier, Mum stormed off and I decided to wing it. I've just now cut out most of the pieces and am about to start with the ironing and sewing and what-not. Goooood day!

On another note, my MP3 is dead. I don't know how I'm going to survive.

Adios amigos,
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