April 7th, 2009


Still Figuring Out...

The head bow is complete :O!

I'm actually really pleased with it (I though I might have totally messed up the stitching at one point), definitely 100% pleased!
My next projects are (in order):
-1 Bag (from G&LB vol.1)
-1 Blouse (from a pattern I got from a charity shop, because it reminded me of this BTSSB one)
-1 Jumperskirt (by adjusting a pattern of my sister's dramatically)
-1 altered pair of socks (by adding lace in away that will still allow them to stretch)

Also, if I have the time, I could make a pair of bloomers, bearing in mind this is all due by June :S.

I can't give up hope! The fate of the world rests on my shoulders! (Sort of).

In other news, my new low-sugar life-style crashed and burned, just like my high-protein one. Sweets are just so YUMMY.

I'll be off to Blackpool this Thursday to visit my Aunt and Uncle. It should be fun, considering Auntie Dawn always pulls through with a Easter egg hunt :). I should be back on Tuesday, perhaps a little later.

Farewell kind readers,