April 18th, 2009



Blech... I'm so tired...

On Thursday, I stayed up past 2am reading Death Note fan fiction (www.fanfiction.net).
I couldn't get to sleep last night as well, as I am dying from a cold.
My head hurts...
.. :(

Mum is right now cooking a pizza (shop bought) and she just called me down...
Just a sec...

OK, I've finished dinner. Mum spruced up the pizza with some extra cheese and a salad on the side. Very uplifting :).

My headaches gone now since I took some painkillers (I live on them). This means I'm in a much better mood, so no more depressing stuff XD!

Anyway, carrying on from the beginning, I've seriously gotten into the fan fiction stuff! I don't know if I'll write any myself... I tried it once and it didn't work out. :P
Liz introduced me to Harry Potter fan fiction, and I'm planning on checking that out, as well as some cross-overs (especially Harry Potter/Doctor Who and Death Note/Doctor Who).

 I was meant to go to my friends concert tonight (she's in a band called High Demand, hence the title), but it turned out to be over 18s only.
The silver lining is that this allowed me to get a head start on my new project (an unfitted 80s style blouse with long, puffy sleeves). I got the pattern for just 50p in a charity shop, because it reminded me of a blouse I saw in an advert for Baby The Stars Shine Bright (my favourite lolita brand). I might be done in just over a week, if I don't have too much trouble with the gathering and pin-tucking and I don't have too much stuff to do in the evenings. :)

Until next time my friends, good night!