May 5th, 2009


*Dance of the First Blog in Ages*

As you can see, I've abandoned the tradition of titling my blogs with songs in my head (otherwise, this one would be called 'She Said').

Apologies for the recent depressing blogs, I will cheer myself up!

I've ordered the fifth english Gothic & Lolita Bible, but Amazon has stopped selling it now, so I just have to pray it will come... And I have to pray that the rumours aren't true and that Mana's column is still included in it!!!!!! That's right, I'm starting to fall in love with him again!!!!! *faints with Mana-Sama-itus*

On another front, two men managed to break my heart without even speaking to me or seeing me. Wow. I mean... Wow.
That's a record, even for me.

Also, Mr Myles Thomas still hasn't replied to my 'PLEASE TELL ME YOU'RE STILL ALIVE' e-mail and nor has Sony to my 'PLEASE HELP MY MP3 IS DEAD' e-mail. I'm no update-star though. I haven't been on Facebook in over a month, meaning I totally blew this guy off in the middle of a conversation. SHAME on me >:^( .

The blouse and bag are going nowhere; I have no motivation. I've just been sitting around, studying occasionally and listening to illegaly uploaded music by Tommy February6. Because she rocks. And I love her.

On a final note, a girl online found a great lolible dress in Matalan of all places, so I'll be heading out there tomorow, if my parents can give me a lift. Hooray for the thrift-lolita!