June 13th, 2010


My Ita Timeline ^u^

Oh hae gaiz. If your reading this, I'm probably spamming your f-list, but bear with me.

If you remember, last month (or was it the month before?) on of the themes for egl was lolita time lines. I obviously couldn't participate, since I only just got smacked right out of weeabo-dom; I know this because I've spent this last week going over every stupid post/comment/pm reply/blog I've ever made. So here it is, my ita timeline!

2006 - Discovered gothic lolita by typing 'harajuku girls' into Google - fell in love
- Declared myself a gothic lolita, despite not actually owning anything completely black
- Typed 'gothic lolita' into YouTube, discovered Manasamabananallamaramadananna and fell
in love (hated his music though)
- Annoyed friends and family to the point of being shunable

2007 - Found my first 'lolita' dress at Blue Banana, declaring myself 'Wales' first Gothic
Lolita' (I don't know why I would've thought that, really). It's polyester lace monster.
Check out my scrapbook for details of my first 'outfit'.
- Started mentioning lolita in my blogs
- Basically was massively wapanese and desperate to show everyone my 'awsome japan noledge'
- Tried emo. Failed.

2008 - Wore my 'lolita' outfit to school and sang 'You Raise Me Up' in Japanese on stage for a
talent competition. Still haven't lived that down.
- Went to my first MCM Expo in the Midlands using my 'lolita' as a very bad Misa Amane
cosplay and was confused when a girl all decked out in brand wouldn't smile back at me XD
- Discovered egl, daily_lolita, sew_lolita, gothlolituk and the first sw_lolis communities
through the english Gothic and Lolita Bibles.
- Tried emo again. Failed.

2009 - Posted HORRIBLE posts to sew-lolita community. Was confused when I only got a few replies
- A nice lolita online added me as a friend and tried to haul me out of my n00bness, but
alas, I was yet unsalvagable
- Bought a casual lolita dress from Matalan. By the middle of this year I had learned
just enough from stalking livejournal communities to get the basics down (btw, I still
wear this Matalan dress for casual co-ordinates)
- Tried emo for a third time. Failed.
- Generally learned slooooowly about building good outfits, not being an idiot online etc.
- Still needed to make some small improvements

2010 - Found getoffegl and loli-secrets, which taught me way more than the lolita handbook ever
could have
- Planning to take up lolita a little more seriously
- Am planning to attend my first meet-up in August
- Have seen the error of my old ways and am trying to make up for it one comment/post at a
- Wants to thank the lolitas I have met online for their continuing support and patience :)

Tl:Dr it's an epic boat of fail until very recently and I expect I am still making mistakes as we speak, so I will continue lurking communities until I find my way :D