July 19th, 2010


I love you Bodyline <3

I got my package today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First off, I panicked because the invoice said 'Item: Shoes  Quantity: 2'. Luckily it just meant 2 individual shoes, but really who would order one shoe? ~_~"

One shoe has a couple of... Erm... Wrinkles I suppose you'd call them. They're not very noticeable though, so I don't mind. They're also a little big, but nothing major, and the petticoat is SUPER poofy :O. I'm glad I paid extra for an organza one! I've pretty much completed my meet-up outfit now except for the white bag (although, since I'll be bringing picnic food I could always cheat and put everything in a shopping bag). I just need to finish sewing my headbow.

I've put together a list of all of the stuff I need to get done in the next 6 weeks of holidays, and so far I've completed a grand total of one task (re-start blogging). Unless you count buying stuff off of my 'Stuff I Need' list a task.

I might do a review tomorrow if I can be bothered...

Come to think of it, I know I have something important to do, but I just can't quite remember what....

Oh yes, have my period. (For all those who haven't heard about it yet, I get terrible pains and I'm terrified of blood, so I usually end up on the bathroom floor on the second day, crying and occasionally throwing up. Talk about a wild saturday night).

Those who have been reading my blogs from when I started them will remember all the depressing paragraphs on 'that guy' who I couldn't get over. Well, God answered my prayers and I have found a new love!
Unfortunately, he has also made it very clear that he's not interested, so I'm in pretty much the same position as I was in two years ago (all be it slightly less painful).
Fuck it all.

I found a shiny pokèmon in Soul Silver - a green ekans! But then my hoothhoot destroyed it with a random extra powerful critical hit, thus pissing me off to the point where I stuck it in Bill's PC and haven't taken it out since. SO ANNOYED D^:< .

On the other hand, cake.

Apologies to those on Livejournal if this is just clogging up your friends page, I figured I might as well cross-post it here from Facebook ^u^".

Later alligator,