July 31st, 2010


Onto the Elite Four...

I've neeeaaarly finished leveling up my party on SS to be able to get through the league, so I'm going to either get my team evaluated tonight or just read loads of FAQs on the pokemon I've got.

I got my first pen-pal letter! It got me so excited that I went into Cardiff and bought some new writing paper and stickers :D. Thank you enitsyrhc for the postcards, they've been put up on my wall!

I saw the most adorable little girl in a Jane Temple jsk in the Cardiff food market on Sunday! I'm guessing her mum had dressed her up because she looked so 'dawwwwwww' in her little pink headbow and matching shoes.

I've just about finished the letters and CVs I'm going to be sending out to various places soon, begging for whatever jobs they may have left. Part of me wants to wait until I've gotten a volunteer job at a charity shop in town though, since then I'll have had experience in retail, which'll big up chances a LOT.

What else...
Oh yeah, I found this adorable shop called 'Otakuzuku' where they sell super cheap manga and magazines, including the gothic and lolita bible! They don't have the most recent issue, but they do have contacts in Japan and have told me they can get stuff shipped out if I'm desperate... Intriguing...

Farewell for now,