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So Alive

'So Alive' is a song by High Demand. They rock. Like, awesome :P.

I bought the dress from Matalan, along with an adorable cardigen (with heart shaped buttons) and an even cuter blouse/cutsew thingy XD. Plus, I finished sewing my bag, so I now have a complete outfit!!!

I was meant to be going to a lolita meet-up aswell, but it fell through, so no happiness for me :(. But I didn't have my bag ready anyway, so I guess it's ok.

I now just have to finnish the long sleeved blouse I'm making and then I can move onto my next project! Unfortunately, I don't have much motivation. I have a cold. And a pile of homework. And coursework. And revision. And a full to-do list.
If it's this bag now, imagine what it'll be like when I'm a uni student :O

In other news, I came back from Kintbury on Thursday.

I had so much fun!!!!!!! New friends, games, soul-searching (which I'm really into by the way), the occasionsl prayer thngy, tears... I cried every day but Monday XD. They were happy tears mostly though :).

I came back to school all happy and hyper and everyone was like, 'Wow, you've changed!'.
So I is happies :)

Until the next time,
That's all folks!
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