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Welcome Unknown

Have I used this title before? Probably.

Bech. What a month. Exams were way stressful, but I lived! I thought my science tests were on a Thursday though, so when I came in on Monday and Jade said, "Hey Lucy, did you study for the exams today?" I did a jaw drop and then nearly started hyperventilating.... Luckily, these EMTs aren't too hard ^u^

Next was work experience week - at Cardiff University Hospital, where hopes and dreams go to die!(tm)

It was boring, but I got to help out with some video recording (I played a person with special needs ¬¬) and I learnt how to use some computer software aswell :) .

Also, I learnt HTML!!!!!!!!!
Now I can design website using Notepad XD

I was crying in school today, knowing I wasn't gonna see Kirsty, Paige, Jess, Elin, Kathrin, Bronte, Clare and the rest of my friends in school for six whol weeks :(

And I already miss anime club D:

Myles replied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Turns out he wasn't ignoring me, he was in Gibralta (if that's how it's spelt):)

Unfortunately, this was followed by the news that the boy I like has been dating other people..... I need some icecream....

I just drank coffee, so I'm going to stay up late reading fanfiction!!!!!!!

Farewell for now whoever reads this,

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