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Just For The Hell Of It...

I haven't blogged in a loooong time, but I've been a lot more active lately, so I figured I'd just talk to myself INTERNET STYLE.

Like all the good crazies do it.

I finished the blouse :O, and just in time for the Midlands MCM Expo too! That was ages ago though....

Wait, what's that?

You want me to describe it anyway?

Well sure, Mr. Figment sir, I'd love to!

We arrived at least an hour after it had opened the main flood gates, but there was still a good selection of manga and collectables left for me to explore :) Oh, and there was a yaoi stall! Not that I'm interested in pervy stuff at all.


Bah, I wish I could be more like a quiet, sweet girl who doesn't blurt out crap like that just for the hell of it :P

I'm thinking of learning to play the piano.... It'd be fun just to be able to pick up an instrument and PLAY IT.
Something I've allways wanted to do is just walk into a room and creat beautiful music (in the traditional sense, of course), simply for the hell of it.

Aah, well that's enough of a semi rant for nowwwwwww

Oh! I joined an RP called 'Lolita Academy', but in my first post, was too distracted and had too much cafiene running through my body and mucked up my profile :S

Talk about a n00b mistake; hopefully I can make up for it somehow...

Well I've got an assembly to go to - Till whenever!

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