Still Figuring Out...

The head bow is complete :O!

I'm actually really pleased with it (I though I might have totally messed up the stitching at one point), definitely 100% pleased!
My next projects are (in order):
-1 Bag (from G&LB vol.1)
-1 Blouse (from a pattern I got from a charity shop, because it reminded me of this BTSSB one)
-1 Jumperskirt (by adjusting a pattern of my sister's dramatically)
-1 altered pair of socks (by adding lace in away that will still allow them to stretch)

Also, if I have the time, I could make a pair of bloomers, bearing in mind this is all due by June :S.

I can't give up hope! The fate of the world rests on my shoulders! (Sort of).

In other news, my new low-sugar life-style crashed and burned, just like my high-protein one. Sweets are just so YUMMY.

I'll be off to Blackpool this Thursday to visit my Aunt and Uncle. It should be fun, considering Auntie Dawn always pulls through with a Easter egg hunt :). I should be back on Tuesday, perhaps a little later.

Farewell kind readers,

Fabric and Such

QUITE a weekend.

Saturday - Orchestra was frustrating, as the conductors were right witches and I'd missed last week's run-through of the pieces. Still, at least Gethin was there (where would the world be without our Gethin's?). I had my hair cut, ate chips and then zipped off to fabric world with Mum to get stuff for my head bow and bag. Before I could start sewing, I found a person who could take me to my friends concert that night, so I spent the night dancing and talking instead. Came home late, went to bed. Good day.

Today - Got up late and missed church (whoops...). After I'd gotten dressed and had lunch, Mum and I decided to look at the patterns for the head bow. It was horrifying. None of the pieces of the pattern were correct and the instructions didn't make sense. After at least an hour and a half of getting angry and angrier, Mum stormed off and I decided to wing it. I've just now cut out most of the pieces and am about to start with the ironing and sewing and what-not. Goooood day!

On another note, my MP3 is dead. I don't know how I'm going to survive.

Adios amigos,
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Today has been good so far :). I've been quite sad lately (hence, no posts) because something really bad happened involving one of the people I'm close to. I'm not in a position to give details, but lets just let's just say it made me think about life a lot more.

Granddad's over for Sunday lunch and I'm SUPPOSED to be doing homework/revision. Ah,well. Maybe soon.

My plan for lent (drinking my yucky protein shake every day) went down the tubes. I did it first day of lent, but then gave up. Even worse, I now have a sore throat and I'm feeling kind of run-down thanks to my bad diet of veggies, sweets, carbohydrates and not much else. Could be worse though. Everything could be worse (what did I say about me thinking about life?).

I haven't been able to start that head-bow or bag yet, since I don''t have anything but the cotton. Still, I'm very lucky to have found that material in Cardiff market :). Hopefully I'll be able to start soon, and if I work on them regularly, I should have them done in a few weeks :).

On a final note, I MISSED THE MCM EXPO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! X( 
It makes me want to cry!

So long,
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Wow, half-term went quickly. It's probably my own fault for spending the mornings in bed --__--||| .

     I finished my skirt, with Mum's help, and it looks good, even if the lining does hang down a bit too far. Hooray for my first complete sewing project! I managed to find some black cotton in Cardiff market yesterday (they didn't sell any at our usual fabric shop) and I want to make an AP headbow and bag from it. I got the patterns from the G&LB (English vol.1), so I'm hoping I'll be able to understand it. Should be fine though; I'm really excited! I'm thinking of taking a course in designing and making my own patterns anytime soon, so if anyone knows of any near Pontypridd, please tell me!

     I met up with my friend Angharad yesterday for shopping. She left my school in Year 8, but we still consider each other best friends, even if we don't talk often. I've recently come home from church and I'll probably sort out my e-mails etc. and then finish watching Kamikaze Girls. I wanted to watch it last night, but then Dad suggested we watched Vera Drake instead (a film about a woman who performs abortions when it wasn't legal). After that, I decided I could never, ever, EVER become a doctor, despite what my parents say ("Research doesn't pay as well as being a doctor Lucy. You can do so much better, why not doing both, Lucy? You'll get payed so much more, Lucy. You'll get used to blood, pus, poo and all that stuff EVENTUALLY..." etc.).

Au revoir for now,

First Post... Finally! ^-^

I suppose I should write a short introduction at least, so people know who I am and stuff:

My name is Lucy, I am 15 years old, I am a vegetarian and a christian, I live in Pontypridd (in South Wales, UK) and I am a huge fan of the Lolita style (particularly Gothic and Sweet Lolita)! Although I am not too new to this style, I don't have a job and therefore only have one sort of outfit, which has no headdress, no lacy socks and a non-brand dress coated in 'fake' lace and - what-do-you-call-it..... that bad stuff... used in cheap panniers..... Well, I can't remember, but the point is, it may not be the best, but I love it to bits :D. I am quite shy when first meeting people, but my close friends know me as chatty, excitable, optimistic and ever-so childlike. For all you list loving people (I now you're out there), I am also into: The Sims, Manga (and the like), all things Japanese, Sewing, Science, Doctor Who, Comics (esp. American newspaper style), music, drama and French (my favourite language to learn!).

Anyway, that's probably all anyone needs to learn in one go, so I'll move on-

School's getting harder and harder as the GCSE pressure gets put on and our 'predicted grade' letters are sent out. My dad and I were a little disappointed with mine, but Mum was thrilled and ever up-beat. I am constantly telling myself to work harder, but find it hard to get stuff such as revision and violin practice done. My head is also jammed up with lolita type things, it's all I was talking about today!
On a high note, half-term has just started, so I can get my masses of homework/coursework/revision done and I may have some sewing time too :).

I put in a request on LJ today to join egl (at last!) and also joined a UK based lolita group and a south-est based lolita group! I'm really excited, but Mum and Dad still think it's all a big fad (???) and won't let me buy anything =_=;  . I'll probably put an introduction thingy onto the sw lolita community, but I'm a little too nervous to try anything else at the moment.

My final note before I end,
Thank you very much for taking the time to read this!